About Us

Our story began in June, 2012 when one of our founders, Maria Yapelli, was misdiagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She and her husband, Mike Foreman, took a trip to their favorite vacation destination for a dive trip where they learned about the invasive lionfish in the reefs of the Caribbean. During this trip, they fostered a desire to help control the invasion and help they Cayman islands.

After receiving the news of the misdiagnosis, Mike and Maria decided to act on their desire and began discussing what ultimately turned into Lions Den Fish Company. Lions Den was created to humanely manage the population of invasive lionfish, while providing employment opportunities to the local community in Cayman and satisfy the retail demand for lionfish meat in the United States. 

While developing the business, we learned of another invasive species to the Cayman Islands - Green Iguana. Locally, they are considered an ecological pest. They devour wild vegetation, destroy farmer’s crops and take over the habitat of the native and endangered Cayman Blue Iguana. In an effort to help combat the destruction cause by the lizards, we decided to start a sister company to Lions Den which became Caymankind Premium Iguana Meat.

Our goal is the same as it is at Lions Den - We provide a humane solution to controlling the invasive population, while offering employment opportunities to the local community and satisfying the retail demand for Green Iguana meat in the United States. We take every precaution to ensure iguana are caught and handled in a humane and comfortable manner. We have a sole contract with Spinion LTD to process and package all of our meat before exporting it to our US facility. Spinion follows the most strict humane slaughtering practices and is compliant with all relevant US law for food processing facilities.

We have spent 6 years developing our processes to ensure the products we sell are of the highest quality and freshness for our customers. We look forward to satisfy any customers needs, whether that is supplying the meat you need for your weekend barbecue, or fulfilling your needs for a unique menu item at your restaurant. From managing the invasive population in Cayman to fulfilling your desires, Caymankind Premium Iguana Meat was developed to be the solution for everyone!